How can I use this map in my assignment? A Simulate d Workshop

Rosa Orlandini, Map and GIS Librarian / Cartothécaire, York University Libraries / Université York

With the explosion of cartographic information, teachers and students are rediscovering that they can use maps as a primary source in their research papers and assignments. Taking this into account, the student is faced with several questions: (1) How do I interpret and understand this map? (2) Is this map appropriate for my research or a ssignment?

Recently the Map and GIS Librarian at York University has conducted several upper-level undergraduate workshops that concentrate on how to evaluate maps. The students work in teams and are tasked to interpret, evaluate and reflect upon maps that are directly related to topics in their course. The map evaluation criteria is adapted from criteria used for evaluating websites and primary sources: Purpose & Audience, Authority, Objectivity, Accuracy, Currency and Context.

This bilingual presentation will introduce the workshop methodology and the evaluation criteria for maps. This will be followed by a simulated version of the workshop. At the end of the session,
participants will be asked for input on the experience and how the evaluation criteria can be improved.