GéoPhoto+: Toward a Collective Directory of Aerial Photographs! (in French)

Stéfano Biondo, Bibliothèque de l’Université Laval, cartothécaire

The speaker will present the new interface for cartographic and textual research, GéoPhoto+, which will allow for the identification of all the collections of aerial photographs of the Centre GéoStat held by the Library of the Université Laval. This geographic information dissemination system enables remote consultation of the Centre’s whole set of indexes of aerial photographs using one single, fast and user-friendly interface. It displays—as a footprint—over 160,000 aerial photographs from the federal and provincial governments. GéoPhoto+ not only offers the option to print or send a command by email, it also provides access to each photo’s metadata, such as the flight line number, the photograph’s number, year, scale, season, emulsion, etc.

GéoPhoto+ was designed to easily integrate collections of aerial photographs from different institutions. Its decentralized management module allows each institution to easily index new additions of aerial photographs in the collective directory.