Building a Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy

Deena Yanofsky, McGill University
Colleen Beard, Brock University

In 2012, Natural Resources Canada commissioned a “strategy enabling” project to put together an ideal view of the future for the Canadian Geomatics Sector. The overarching objective of this project was to provide a national strategy that includes a vision for the sector that will result in a more cohesive and dynamic community and a more efficien
t and cost-effective use of Canadians’ resources. In January 2013, a Steering Committee was established to help guide the strategy and lead in-depth examination of key sector issues, often referred to as the “7 strategy dimensions”: Identity, Market, Business Model, Leadership and Governance, Education & Capacity Building, Data Sources, and Legal & Policy.

This presentation will provide a summary of the strategy dimensions as well as the discussions held at a recent meeting of the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table and will conclude with an opportunity for feedback and discussion.