Comparison of Six Free Online Mapping Tools

Rebecca Bartlett, GIS and Digital Resources Librarian, Carleton University
Joël Rivard, Cartographic Specialist, Carleton University

In an effort to explore and familiarize themselves with online mapping tools, Carleton Library GIS-trained staff members Rebecca and Joël held an online mapping tool competition during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Each challenger used three online mapping tools at random from the six tools that were selected, then proceeded to map the hometowns of Canadian Olympians who had won medals at the Games. The presentation will compare and contrast the free versions of the following online mapping tools:

  • BatchGeo
  • CartoDB
  • MangoMap
  • MapBox
  • GeoCommons
  • WorldMap

Considerations include but are not limited to importable file types, in-app georeferencing, symbology, time series capabilities, infowindows, and export options.